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Trip Fee Policy

Non-Refundable Trip Fees:

Please be advised that the trip fee is non-refundable. Each booking involves careful planning and the allocation of a specific time slot tailored to meet your pig’s needs. This commitment means that once an appointment is confirmed, it precludes the possibility of serving other clients during that period. Additionally, should the appointment need to be ended prematurely due to unsafe working conditions, if the pig is not contained, or is deemed unable to be worked on for any reason, the trip fee will not be refunded. This ensures that the commitment to providing personalized care and service to each pig is met with equal responsibility in preparing for a safe and conducive appointment environment.


Exceptional Circumstances:

I recognize that extraordinary circumstances may occur. In the event of severe, unforeseen situations such as critical illness or other significant life events, I am prepared to review the case for a possible exception to this policy. It’s important to note that such exceptions are not the norm and are determined solely at my discretion on an individual basis.


The guidance on Being Ready for Appointment has been carefully crafted to ensure safety and reduce stress for both your pig and your trimmer. Your cooperation is required in following these guidelines to facilitate a smooth and effective service.


Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated, ensuring the provision of timely and attentive service to all clients. For any inquiries or additional information regarding this policy or the preparation guidelines, please feel free to contact me by email:

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