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By clicking "Route Notification Sign Up", you will be directed to a form. The information gathered from the form is used to organize everyone based on their locations and makes it easy for me to reach out when trips are being planned. 

I cover a number of states which are listed and can be viewed by clicking the Service Areas button.  

When I am setting up a route for your area, a text will go out through my automated system around 1 -2 months in advance with a link to the route information form which contains trip specific details such as route dates, trip fee amount and other information. 
Trip fees are determined on a trip by trip basis and are provided when the route is announced by text with the route information form link. Trip fees are collected in advance of the trip using Stripe payment link in the route information form sent out in the automated text announcement. Trip fee must be paid by the provided due date and time to guarantee your spot on the route. 

As a reminder: trip fee and service fees are separate. Service fees are only due on the day of appointment after services are rendered. Service fees are not sent in advance, only the trip fee. 

**This form should be filled out only ONCE.

**Do not fill out this form in an attempt to update your 
address or other household information. If you need to update from a previous form submission, please send a text to 833-240-3438 with your first and last name and the updated address or information.

**Hoofin It is unable to work on any pregnant female pigs or intact (uncastrated) males

**Weight limit 300lbs - some exceptions may apply.
Sarah (aka Hoofin It) reserves the right to deny service at the time of appointment if weight or size poses safety issue.

**Not currently accepting full grown Kune Kune or Idaho Pasture Pigs as their size and weight are larger than what ia able to be handled safely

sarah working on anderson island_edited.jpg
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