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Being Ready for Your Appointment

Please read thoroughly

Withholding of food:

- Do not provide any food for at least 3 hours prior to your appointment time. If needed, skip their meal until after the appointment is completed.

This also means no treats, grazing on grass or foraging of any kind. Nothing but water. 


Pigs do tend to scream in protest at times during the appointment (sometimes the whole time) it is just what they do. Having food particles in their mouths and fresh food in their bellies while they’re screaming while being rolled onto and laid on their backs may cause them to aspirate/choke/Vomit or get aspiration pneumonia and Sarah of Hoofin It will not take that risk. 

Absolutely NO alcohol, NO Benadryl,  NO anything should be provided to any pig(s)

in attempt to “calm” or sedate  them prior to their trim. This is a completely drug/sedative/inhibitor free process.


What if...

If Sarah arrives and your pig is actively eating or grazing or being provided treats for luring, the appointment will be ended and the trip fee cannot be refunded.

There is no lenience with this as it poses an imminent health hazard to your pig(s) and Sarah of Hoofin It will not risk the health and safety of any animal, for any reason.  


Slippery Piggies:

Do not put any lotion, sunscreen, baby oil, conditioner, or any other substance on your pig(s) that will make them slippery as this makes the whole process dangerous for the piggies and Sarah. 


Work Area:

The work can be easily done in a laundry room, a sun room, a bathroom, a small outside pen, horse stall in barn or anywhere else that is secured and leaves little to no room for piggy to run off and hide as the goal keep the pig(s) from becoming stressed or injured.

Laminate or slick floors and smaller spaces are optimal. Please be sure the intended work area is free of straw, shavings, mud or any bedding materials such as pillows and blankets as these cause a hazard. 

A contained, covered and out of the elements work area of 5x5 is ideal for any time of year. 

Hot Times/Days of the Year:

For warm/hot times of the year: Work area should be out of direct sunlight and in a well ventilated space. Shaded or completely out of the sun is preferred for the health and safety of your pig(s) and your trimmer. Garages work well, fans help (for non air-conditioned spaces), pop up shades set up in advance of appointment for outdoor spaces. Pigs are prone to heat related health issues and being upside down in extreme heat/direct sunlight not only poses risks for your pig(s) but also for Sarah. Indoors with AC is preferred if at all possible. 


For cool/cold times of the year: Work area guidelines from above can also work for the cooler times of the year. Be sure the work area is as draft free as possible and that the ground is clear of bedding/straw. Work area should also be out of the rain/snow free of mud, standing water, ice and snow. 


Multi-pig Households:

If there are multiple pigs at your location, there will need to be a way to separate one at a time for their services. No exceptions. This is a necessary safety precaution for Sarah and the pig she is working on. This also means having any other animals (dog/cat) in a separate, secured area so they do not get in the mix. 


If you have any questions or need guidance regarding this, please send me a text directly at (833) 240-3438. This telephone number only works for text messages, it cannot receive phone calls.  

Please pay close attention to these essential instructions to ensure a smooth appointment day. It's crucial that your pig is not eating or grazing and is in a contained, accessible area for the appointment. If I arrive and find that your pig is eating, not adequately contained, or the situation is unsafe for any reason, I will unfortunately have to end the appointment without providing the service. While the travel fee is non-refundable, you will not be charged for any services not rendered.


Also, it's important to have a suitable workspace ready that's appropriate for the weather on the day of the appointment. By submitting the trip fee, you're agreeing to provide this necessary workspace. Please note that if the workspace is unsuitable, the trip fee cannot be refunded.


These steps are vital for the safety and effectiveness of the service I provide. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Very Important!

I, Sarah, do not chase pigs. Please be prepared and have your pig in a contained area prior to my arrival. If your pig(s) are not contained and I have to coral/chase/herd or otherwise do the containing then there will be a $100 additional fee incurred per pig.

**Upon my arrival, if there is no immediate answer or if your pig is not yet contained, a grace period of 10 minutes will be observed. This allows you some extra time to arrive if you’re not home yet, or to answer the door, and provides an opportunity to secure your pig if necessary. Additionally, it’s important that your pig is not covered in mud or wet , as mud and being wet significantly increases slipperiness, posing a major safety hazard for both the pig and myself. If, after this 10-minute window, I have not received a response, the pig remains uncontained, or the pig is too muddy/wet to safely handle, I will need to proceed to my next scheduled appointment to maintain my tight schedule. Please understand, in these situations, a $55 charge, equivalent to half of a standard hoof trim fee, will be incurred, and the trip fee is non-refundable. This policy helps ensure that all my clients receive the prompt and efficient service they expect, while accommodating the unexpected delays and necessary conditions for a safe appointment.

**Please remember: Service fees are separate from the trip fee. Service fees are only due on the day of appointment after the service(s) have been provided. List of service fees can be found on the Services and Pricing page of this website.

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