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Please note: There is a trip fee in addition to any service fees. The trip fee is due in advance to secure a spot on the route. Please see the Route Sign Up page for info on how the routes are set up.

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Trip fee Pricing

Below you will find a list of the covered states and their estimated trip fees for 2023. Washington state is my home state and due to high number of pet pig homes I have split it into 5 sections for manageability. Some states are run as a route together and will be displayed as such.


Please keep in mind that these trip fees are subject to change depending on the cost for travel at the time the route is being planned. Trip fee pricing is per household.

Washington State:

Sector 1: $100

Sector 2: $75

Sector 3: $115

Sector 4: $120


Sector 5: $130

OR: $150

ID/WY/MT/UT/NV: $185

CO: $170

HI: $200

TN/KY: $165

MO/IL: $175

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