Service Area 2023.jpeg

For 2023, I have plans to be visiting the following states: 

  • Washington

  • Oregon

  • Utah

  • Idaho

  • Montana

  • Wyoming

  • Colorado

  • Missouri

  • Illinois

  • Tennessee

  • Kentucky

  • Hawaii

I run each of these routes by state and have grouped a few of the states up to run them as one route as follows: 

 - Idaho, Montana, Wyoming & Utah

- Missouri & Illinois

- Tennessee & Kentucky


All other states are run as routes on their own. Some routes are set for every 4 months and some for every 6 months

Washington state is my home base and there is a very high concentration of pet pig owners.


In an attempt to make this as manageable as possible, I have split Washington into 5 "sectors" as seen in the image below. Each sector is currently set to have routes run every 4 months.

Image 12-29-21 at 10.20 PM.JPG

Route announcements for all of the states listed above are sent out by text through an automated system containing a link. This link will take you to a form where you will have the option to opt in or out of that specific route.