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My name is Sarah.

I am Hoofin It Mobile Hoof Care. 


My family and I brought a pet pig into our lives back in 2018. This was when I first became aware of the issues pertaining to hoof and wellness care for pet “mini” pigs. 


The primary option presented to me was attempting to locate a vet who may be willing to trim the hooves and tusks but that involved transporting to said vet and then the pigs are sedated and provided a less than mediocre trim. Many times the pigs are injured from the process and/or sick for many days just from the sedatives. Other options included either multiple people holding a pig down on the ground or trying to get a pig drunk off beer to the point they can't stand up but these also lead to injury or illness more often than not. For me, these "options" were not viable, long term solutions.


Not only is the sedation process dangerous but factor in also having to transport piggy to and from and how stressful that can be for piggies and owners alike and then the low quality of the hoof work…I just had to figure out a better way. Vets are great for health care but they’re simply not trained or knowledgeable in the hoof care needs for pet pigs. 


I set myself on a path to figure out how to safely, humanely and effectively work with the pigs while also providing them top of the line hoof care without the use of any sedatives/drugs and all while staying home. This was quite the process being that there is no proper training or education available for this line of work. 


I am proud to say that I have succeeded in my quest and I now have the opportunity to serve piggy friends in 12 states all of which are on regular schedules which I have maintained since 2019. I specialize in corrective and extreme overgrowth cases as well as general hoof maintenance for “mini” pigs. I also provide tusk trimming and ear/eye cleaning. 

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