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Important Annoucement

*Effective May 2023*


Service Pricing Update

I have been on a mission to be as affordable and accessible as possible for these last few years and I thank all of my clients for your trust in me to provide high quality, passionate care for your piggy family members. But several factors, including the increased cost for the tools and supplies used to complete my services, have pushed me to take this next step.


The never-ending wave of inflation has hit me, too, forcing me to raise my prices. I’ve tried to delay this hike for over one year, but it’s time.


As of May 1, 2023 the prices for services are:

 - Hoof Trim: $110

- Tusk Trim: $50

 - Ear & Eye Clean: $30

I appreciate your trust in me, and I plan to always keep up with the standards you all have come to expect. If you have a question, contact me by text through my personal cell number (if you have it) or by messenger through my Facebook page 


I’m always here to help.

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